Western Canada Home Insurance

Are You Playing “Texas Hold 'Em” with Your Home Insurance?

Property Insurance isn’t a game, but yet some people think that they can “bluff” their way along with inferior Homeowners Insurance coverage and service in order to save pennies a day. Consider this: for most consumers, their home is the most valuable possession that they will ever purchase and own. If you are going to play games with insurance, your home is the last thing to throw into the “ante”!

Have you ever:

  • Seen baseball sized hail destroy complete neighborhoods?
  • Smelled the stench of sewage rises two or three feet high in a basement?
  • Felt afraid to be in your own home after a break and enter?
  • Suffered the frustration of dealing with the legal system after being sued?

They are all extremely difficult ordeals to have to handle, especially if you have to do so on your own. If you currently deal with a home insurance representative that is hundreds or thousands of miles away, or one that works directly for the insurance company, you may find that they are holding a “full-house” and the only option you may have is to fold.

At A-WIN Insurance we are here to work for you! Not the Insurance company. It's important to have your Home Insurance cover you properly and to the right limits to avoid any dissapointment at the time of a claim.

Contact A-WIN Insurance at any of our locations all throughout Western Canada, to not only preserve your belongings, but to protect your loved ones with the most thoughtful and best-priced homeowners insurance you can get. We’ll always make sure you are dealt A-WIN (ing) hand!

A-WIN Insurance - Your Home Insurance Experts

Whether you have just purchased your first Western Canada home, your retirement haven in B.C., or your dream home anywhere in Canada, we have the tools and the products to make sure you will have all of the home insurance coverage you need at the best possible prices. As an independent brokerage, we represent dozens of property insurance markets with various policies and enhancements to take care of all your possessions, no matter what they are, or what the value.

After we provide you with a complimentary rebuilding appraisal, we will shop through all of our markets to secure the best options for you, including our exclusive Unlimited Replacement Guarantee. With this valuable coverage, if your home is not repairable, you will receive a brand new home of the same quality you had previously.

At A-WIN Insurance we have insuring Property Insurance to Canadians since 1975 and have expanded throughout the country to make sure you can deal with our property insurance professionals right there in your own neighborhood. When you need us, we are there for you – not a thousand miles away, but right around the corner from where you live.

Don't wait another minute: Complete the Free Quote Form on this page right now and let the A-WIN Insurance stack the deck in your favor today!