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By Joanne Lemna  | 
Sep 15, 2015


4 Insurance Questions Upcoming Graduates Need to Ask

Graduating from college can be stressful. Maybe you’re encountering a new career, a new city, and a whole slew of “new”. During this transition, you can make at least one wise move that you’ll likely thank yourself for in the future: Securing quality insurance.

Our independent insurance advisors recommend that you ask the following four questions. We’ve followed up with our preliminary guidance for each one.

1. Does my car/truck policy need to change?

Many factors are key to whether your car/truck insurance policy still fits your needs, including living somewhere new and using your vehicle differently. Maybe you’re no longer covered on your parent’s policy, and it’s time to find your own insurance plan. No matter what changes you’re facing, now is a great time to speak with an insurance advisor about your options (and possible savings)!

2. Will I want renters insurance?

Remember that your roommate and landlord’s policies don’t cover your belongings—you’ll need your own. Visit our renters insurance page to learn more.

3. Are there other types of insurance I need?

As you accumulate more belongings, you may want to insure them. For everything from a travel trailer to an ATV, we suggest exploring your policy options with your insurance advisor.

4. Do I need travel medical insurance?

If you’ll be traveling—whether away from your home province or to another country—then consider travel medical insurance. Wherever your destination may be, contact us to talk about your options.

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