By Joanne Lemna  | 
Sep 15, 2015

Re-evaluate Insurance as You Approach Marriage

Adding a spouse to your life means new considerations about insurance. Whether engaged or nearing marriage, it’s important to re-evaluate your insurance, then revisit your plans once you’re married. 

Our key tips:

  1. See about switching to your spouse’s plan or adding them to yours. By combining your insurance policies, you may be eligible for a discount.

  1. Look for ways to save money. You’ll already be getting insurance discounts as a married couple, but simple steps (like the ones in this article) can help you even more. Check out our price shopping tips too.

  1. Make sure your spouse’s information is up to date. This is key for car/truck policies. Still commuting the same distance to work? Taking the bus? Carpooling? Your answers to these questions can impact how much you could save on insurance.

  1. Update your inventory of personal belongings. Now that you’ve combined two households, review the value of your belongings. See if you need to increase how much your insurance covers. Don’t forget to include your wedding presents and rings!

  1. Consider travel medical insurance for your honeymoon. If you’re leaving your province or the country for your honeymoon, get travel medical insurance to keep you and your spouse safe.

Ask a trusted insurance advisor to help you add to current policies or find a brand-new policy setup. 

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