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Flood/Overland Water Insurance

Defend Your Property From Water Damage

Looking for a reliable flood, sewer backup, and overland water policy? We can connect you to a great plan for your particular situation.

Consider these three questions, then learn what A-WIN covers in the text below each one.


  1. Who's Covered?

    Both owners and tenants get coverage from our flood/overland water plans. Are you a business owner? There are coverage options available to you too!

  2. What type of property is covered?

    Our policies cover most domiciles and businesses, from houses and rental properties to seasonal properties and condos.

  3. What sort of damage is covered?

    When you’re struck by the unexpected, our coverage includes damage from a variety sources, including:

    • bursting pipes
    • sewer backups (including damage from drains backing up, or water escaping from a septic tank or downspout)
    • overland water (including heavy rainfall affecting your property)

Top-Notch Policies

All policies aren’t created equal, so we search the market and find the very best. Talk to us today, and prepare your property for everyday accidents or any wild weather coming your way. 

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