Explore Your Insurance Options, Secure a Great Policy & Save Money!

September 15th, 2015

Explore Your Insurance Options, Secure a Great Policy & Save Money!

When you’re looking for insurance, you’ll be faced with lots of choices. Whether or not cost is your main concern, the price tag still makes a difference.

Remember that all policies aren’t created equal. Each policy offers different pro’s and con’s to weigh, like combining with other policies and add-on’s. The range of options can be overwhelming.

So, how do we help you navigate price shopping? A few ways, by offering the following:

  1. Insurance Brokers

As insurance brokers, we have access to the top insurance companies in Canada, which lets us find the best deal that fits your individual needs.

  1. Selection

Because we’re insurance brokers, we can offer a wide selection of policy options. No matter your situation, we can customize a policy solution for you.

  1. Expertise

Insurance policies contain plenty of jargon, so we break them down into straightforward explanations. This helps you make an informed, confident decision.

Let’s look at how to get a great price for a couple types of insurance.



According to Yahoo! Finance Canada, you can reduce your car/truck insurance costs with the following tips:

  • Buy a less expensive car—it’ll cost less to insure.

  • Eliminate coverages in your policy that you don’t need.

  • Drive less often—and shorter distances—at non-peak hours. This lowers your risk of a claim and your costs, as well as driving safely in general.

  • Make sure you alert your insurance advisor of any changes so your costs accurately reflect your circumstances.

  • Weigh a higher deductible versus a higher premium, and consult your insurance advisor about making a change to lower your overall costs, based on your risk.



Looking to spend less on home insurance? Here’s some advice from Aviva Canada:

  • Bundle your policies to save—including your liability with an umbrella policy.

  • Pay lower premiums by raising your deductible.

  • Re-evaluate heating that burns oil or wood. Electric and gas-powered stoves and heating are safer—which saves you money.

  • Buying a house? Check its electrical wiring and roof to make sure it’s safe, and thus lower your risk. Newer homes also can lower your insurance costs.

  • Move somewhere with lower crime rates. Prevent losses with precautions like a home security system.

  • Find a neighbourhood without flooding and sewer backup issues.

Price shopping can really pay off! Get started by contacting our independent insurance brokers, and they’ll help you customize an affordable plan.