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Travel Trailer Insurance

Protect your weekend with travel trailer insurance.

Did you know that your car insurance will only offer liability coverage while you're driving? That means you're on the hook for the cost of any damage or replacement in the event of an accident. While you can add your travel trailer to your home insurance, this coverage is often insufficient and you'll likely see a big increase in premiums. That's where travel trailer insurance comes in.


  1. Custom Policy Options

    Snowbirds? Full-timers? Recreation-only hobbyists? Depending on your RV usage, you’ll get a policy customized to you.

  2. Free Personalized Policy Review

    Since every policy is different—with different limits—our review ensures you have the right coverage at the right price.

  3. Claim Advocacy

    If you have a claim, we’re here to help you through the process.

  4. Emergency Vacation Expense

    If you have a covered claim, you can get some help to continue your vacation, get yourself home, or have somewhere to stay while the repairs are completed.

  5. Roadside Assistance

    Choose between basic or elite roadside assistance that is specifically designed for trailers.

  6. Protection for Your RV & Belongings

    Your trailer and its contents are protected from many causes of physical damage, including fire, wind, hail, motor vehicle accident, and more! Plus, this protection can extend to any decks and small outbuildings you may have.

  7. Liability Protection

    If someone gets hurt or has their stuff damaged while visiting you, you can be held liable. Our trailer insurance includes liability protection to help you cover the costs of any injuries, damages, and lawsuits.



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Personal Belongings

Any personal belongings kept in your trailer year round need their own coverage since they aren’t covered under your home, condo, or renters insurance.

RV Policy Expertise

We specialize in RVs, so we understand their unique coverage needs. In the event of a claim, certified RV appraisers and adjusters will help you out.

Shed & Deck Coverage

Cover detached structures, such as sheds and decks, as well as other trailer accessories, like awnings, satellite dishes, and generators.


Guaranteed Replacement Cost

Instead of reimbursing your RV’s current value, this depreciation-free coverage pays for a brand-new, comparable trailer.


Elite Roadside Assistance

When you’re in Canada and the continental US, get 24/7 emergency telephone assistance, towing paid if there’s a breakdown, and more.

Full-Timers Package

When you become a full-time RV resident, you’ll face many insurance decisions. Talk to your insurance advisor about your options.

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