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First check our commonly asked questions below. If your question isn’t answered, simply send us a message. We look forward to providing helpful answers!

Commonly Asked Questions

How long can I wait to have my vehicle inspected?

Usually you can wait until your vehicle is 12 years old, but certain insurance companies allow 20 years—or no inspection is required at all. Ask your insurance advisor about your particular policy’s requirements.

Can my visiting friends and family drive my car?

Yes—if they have a valid driver's licence. However, you’re lending your insurance as well as your car. That means if your visitor has an accident, then your insurance is affected. Talk to your insurance advisor to ensure you understand your policy’s details.

How long do tickets and accidents stay on my record?

For insurance purposes, your tickets stay on your record for three years and accidents will stay on your record for six or more years.

How long can I stay in the US before notifying my insurance company?

It's different for Car Insurance and Home Insurance. Best bet is to call your insurance broker and let them know that you will be out of the country.

How much sewer backup coverage do I need?

Your home’s unique circumstances dictate how much coverage you’d need for a claim. Keep in mind that sewer backup claims easily reach $75,000 on average—then depending on the condition and value of your home and basement before the claim, your claim may cost even more. Don't forget about overland water coverage as well. This is a new and important coverage that you should talk with your broker about.

Why does my insurance go up—even when I don’t have a claim?

Even if you don’t submit any claims, insurance costs rise when there are more claims overall, for everyone insured. For instance, more home damages from Canada’s increasingly extreme weather between 2006 and 2012 made insurance damage rates jump up 650%! Since claims are now more common, the costs are spread across all the insured homes.

Why do insurance companies increase the value of my home every year?

Depending on inflation rates for household construction in your neighbourhood, your home’s value will be calculated to reflect the increase. Talk with your insurance broker for a free rebuild evaluation on your home, which will help make sure you have the correct limits.  

What is business interruption coverage? How does it work?

If your business has a claim, you get help with extra expenses due to the claim, as well as lost income. This coverage is vital to keeping your business on track—even if an unfortunate loss happens. Learn more on our business owners insurance page.

What is liability insurance? I’m starting a small business and my landlord told me to get it.

In case someone sues you because of your business operations, you’ll be covered. This coverage includes customers, employees, and clients injuring themselves on your premises and more.

What is equipment breakdown coverage? Why would I need it?

Most policies exclude equipment breakdown on the main policy - this endorsement can add coverage for power surges, damage caused by pressure to name a few.  If you've got a boiler, a computer, a phone system - you need to talk to your broker about this coverage - it can help your business continue to move forward, even with vital equipment on the mend.

How do I insure my child at university?

Kids gone off to college and living in residence?  Usually their belongings kept in your home are covered - many insurance companies now offer to cover some of their "stuff" they have with them. Speak with your insurance advisor to determine whether your home insurance policy is sufficient for your home’s contents—and that they’re aware of the changing situation for your residence. Consider whether your child will need travel medical insurance, renters insuranceor any other policies while away from home.

How do I insure my home-based business?

Most home-based businesses can be insured under your personal insurance policy. Discuss your situation with your insurance broker to ensure you’re meeting your business-related insurance needs.