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Motorhome Insurance

Safeguard your home or hobby.

Rather than tying your RV to your car/truck or home insurance policy, get two policies in one—both car/truck and home—to cover all your bases.


  1. Custom Policy Options

    Snowbirds? Full-timers? Recreation-only hobbyists? Depending on your RV usage, you’ll get a policy customized to you.

  2. Free Personalized Policy Review

    Since every policy is different—with different limits—our review ensures you have the right coverage at the right price.

  3. Claim Advocacy

    If you have a claim, we’re here to help you through the process.

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When driving, you’ll want to financially protect yourself in case you’re responsible for injuring a person or damaging their boat (or other property).

Contents Replacement Cost

Your insured personal property—particularly belongings typically found in RVs—is covered for the cost to purchase them new at the time of the claim.

Emergency Vacation Expenses

If you have a claim, you still get to finish your vacation with hotel and food accommodations provided.

Emergency Roadside Service

Choose between basic or elite roadside assistance specially designed for motorhomes and available across the US & Canada.


Limited Waiver of Depreciation

Forget about depreciation! Your vehicle’s value will stay the same as the day you drove off the lot.


Disappearing Deductible

Safe drivers get their deductible reduced every year without a claim. Lose your deductible after five years in a row with no claim. Even if the accident is your fault, you’ll save up to $500 on your claim.

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